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Princesa x Brick 6-10-10

These babies will carry the Sawgna Farm herd name.

A10: Buckling, Buckskin w/ small broken white; name pending

A11: Buckling, Dark gold roan w/ small broken white; name pending

A12: Doeling, Light gold roan w/ small broken white; Sawgna Farm OMF Autumn Gold - deposit - sale pending

A13: Doeling, Black roan w/ broken white (retained); Sawgna Farm OMF Appletini

All four of these babies are beautiful and of great quality. Princesa's udder is amazing. If the boys above are not purchased by 8 weeks, they will be wethered. They will be available for possible herd sires until then.

Yazhi x Poncho 5-21-10

We had prayed so much for babies from Yazhi. Yazhi was pregnant with two VERY large bucks, which in the end took Yazhi from us. We were lucky enough to save the second buck via c-section and he is a beauty. So far, he is taking the bottle and we pray he stays healthy. As of now he is strong and playful. Please welcome Yazhi's last kid: Magic Apple KCP ?

Kannah Creek KCM Yazhi was the dam of Consuela (those of you familar with Kannah Creek will know Consuela was an outstanding milker and beautiful doe) It is possible that we will keep him to pass along Yazhi's gorgeous udder and milking genes. If you have an interest in this boy, please contact us and make us an offer.

We will miss you Yaz..

Creamy x Poncho 4-12-10

1 doeling and 2 bucklings - bucklings will be wethered

Poncho is still throwing great color! The doeling is a beautiful chocolate buckskin with random white, one buck is chocolate with random white and black spots, and the second buck is tan and white.

        A6 doeling - (Magic Apple KCP Arlet) retained

Carmel x Poncho triplet bucks 3-30-10

We were really hoping for a few does from Carmel but these are very nice little bucks. Atleast one will possibly be kept as a buck. They all have nice long level backs.    

Tiva x Poncho buck/doeling 3-14-10

Very nice babies!! The doe is very petite and refined with a nice long level back like her dam. She will be retained

(Magic Apple KCP AnanasReinette - "Ana Rei").

The buck is nice and stong with a nice level back, good stance with nice angles.

(Magic Apple KCP Antonovka)

They are both chamoisee with white overlay.