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04-17-11 Arlet x Norfolk

Nice looking doeling (B20 light chocolate chamoisee) and cutie buckling (B21 dark bucksin with heavy white - wether

                                   (B20 "Aroma")                            (B21 - unnamed)

04-16-11 Pris x Norfolk

2 does and 2 bucks all nice looking (B16 dark buckskin with heavy white buckling, B17 splashy black and white doeling, B18 black with small white and moonspot doeling & B20 silver buckskin with moonspot buckling)

                       (B16 Buckskin Buckling)        (B17 Splashy Black & White Doeling)

(B18 Black w/ small White & Moonspot Doeling)     (B19 Silver Buckskin Buckling)

04-08-11 Daisy x Johny

What cuties. Boys will make excellent pets. Doeling looks nice and feminine. (B13 sorrel doeling, B14 Chamoise Buckling, B15 Gold Buckling - as wethers) 

04-03-11 Ana x Norfolk

What a little sweetie. 1 single doeling (B12 - Almata). Dark buckskin with heavy broken white. Ana's udder looks beautifully shaped with nice longer teats that are very plumb! 

03-31-11 Princesa x Norfolk

 (B8 Ambrosia) Doeling Silver Buckskin        (B9 Belmont) Buckling Dark Buckskin w/ Broken White

 (B10 Alkmene-Retained)Doeling Silver Buckskin  (B11 Aurora Gala-Retained?)Doeling Tri-colored Buckskin

03-22-11 Tiva x Poncho

        B5 - Brown Sweet           B6 - Blacktwig(retained)   B7 - Beautiful Arcade(Retained) 

Triplet Doelings: B5 Dark Buckskin w/ Random White and Moonspots; B6 Black/Brown Roan w/ Random White; B7 Black Roan w/ Random White and Moonspots

03-16-11 Cinder x Poncho

     B3 Doeling Magic Apple KCP Benoni B4 Wether Gilliflower (Gilli) 

Twins Dark Buckskin w/ random white  

03-04-11 Carmel x Poncho

           B1 Magic Apple KCP Bonza (Retained)         B2 Buckling - (Berne Rose)