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Appletini x Topaz Kidded 04-16-12; 3 bucklings

Here's where all our boys were hiding... 3 cute little bucklings ... Tini kidded quite suddenly and unexpectedly with these boys. Delivery was quick and great for a FF. Her udder looks really nice so far.

Pics coming soon

Ana Rei X Topaz           Kidded 04/03/12; 1 doe, 1 buck

Very nice kids. Topaz is throwing very angular kids that are looking very promising. Exactly what I was hoping for from him. For the first time this year I've dealt with Floppy Kid syndrome and unfortunately lost the smaller doeling of Ana's. All other kids are as healthy as can be!

        C9 - Doeling - Sale Pending (EE)                   C10 - Buckling - Sale Pending (JR)

Pris X Topaz                 Kidded 03/21/12 - 2 does

I think we got what we were hoping for. Babies look refined and dairy just like momma with great angularity from Topaz. One of these little girls will definitely be retained :o) Pictured at 12 hours old 

                       C7 - Doeling - Retained                  C8 - Doeling

Cinder X Topaz           Kidded  03/18/12 - 2 does, 1 buck

Nice little red doelings and the cutest little face on a buck kid that I think we've ever had here

                C4 - Doeling (One Retained/One Sale Pending (RB) C5 - Doeling

C6 - Buckling - Sale Pending (EE)

Callie x Poncho          Kidded 03-17-12 - 1 doe/1 buck

Nice big healthy kids. Bucklings head looks just like his pappa and doelings looks just like her mamma. Both kids are showing great correctness like Poncho always throws and Callies refinement and dairy character. 

              C2- Doeling - Retained                    C3- Buckling - Sale Pending (LG)

Carmel X Norfolk         Kidded 03/12/12 - 1 doeling

Just the kind of kid I was looking for from this crossing... length, correctness, levelness and width. Can't wait to see how she matures.

Better Pic coming soon- she's already a spoiled lap baby which makes it harder to get nice

C1- Doeling - Retained