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          Why is it so hard to get great baby shots, you ask?????

This is why!!! They act like I like them or something!!!

Bridgeport Farms KCY Prix x Kannah Creek LVD Poncho

DOB 4-7-13

Healthy strong splashy black and white Kannah Creek babies. They came out kicking!

               D1 Doeling "D'Arcy Spice"                                        D2 Buckling available as wether

Chalab Ez Carmel Candy x Lost Vallie CC Topaz

DOB: 04-11-13

Very nice little doeling and two friendly bucklings (will be available as wethers) Carmel has been milking well and throws very nice little milkers. This gal should be no different :o)

D5 Mostly gold with white doeling "Dabinett" Mostly white with gold D4 buckling; D3 buckling with some moon-spotting 

Magic Apple PN Alkmene x Lost Valley CC Topaz

DOB: 04-14-13

Beautiful little chocolate and white doeling. Tempted to keep her, but I'm tempted to keep them all this year!

D6 doeling Alkmene is throwing nothing but gorgeous kids.

Magic Apple KCP BeautifulArcade x NC PromisedLand H Norfolk

DOB: 04-14-13

These boys are gorgeous. It's possible both will be offered as bucklings. For now D7 will be D8

     D7 Black and tan with white buckling                     D8 Black and white buckling

Kannah Creek RM Princesa x Lost Valley CC Topaz

DOB: 04-23-13

These are possibly the most beautiful doelings we've had born here. They may both be retained, if I can afford to!! lol They are both level level level and wide and high in the rump and rear end structure. D9 a little more so but D10 makes up for that in general appearance. I need better pictures of these two doelings, but again... underfoot... lol

                     D9 Doeling "Cherry Cox"                    D10 Doeling "Duchess"

Magic Apple LVT Crispin x NC PromisedLand H Norfolk

DOB: 04-26-13

Nice nice kids, but I would expect nothing less from a Topaz daughter bred to Norfolk!

          D11 Doeling "Champlain"                                    D12 Buckling available as wether

Magic Apple LVT GoldenBlush x NC PromisedLand H Norfolk

DOB: 04-26-13

I love love love this doe. Blush is in need of her own photo up here. I promise to get those as soon as I have the girls shed out and udders full. Great babies....

My new little Herd Sire D13 "Holiday"

                 D14 Doeling "Dulcet"                                   D15 Super friendly buckling as wether

Magic Apple KCP Cleopatra x Lost Valley CC Topaz

DOB: 04-29-13

Very nice little buckling

                                                  D16 - Great potential Herd Sire

Magic Apple KCP Blacktwig x Lost Valley CC Topaz

DOB: 05-5-13

Another potential Herd Sire - Twig's udder is fantastic...We'll wait to see him mature a little...

D17 - Buckling