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Magic Apple KCP Blacktwig x Magic Apple PN Holiday

DOB: 04/04/14


Chalab Ez KCH Carmel Candy x Magic Apple LVT Starkspur


E18, 19 & 20 Bucklings (Sold)

Magic Apple KP BeautifulArcade x Lost Valley CC Topaz *S

DOB: 03/15/14

E14 - Red Buckling w/Moonspots; E15 - Brown w/White Doeling (Retained); E16 - Red w/White and Moonspots Doeling (Retained) ; E17 Red w/Small White Buckling

We were retaining "Lucy" as she was a runt but is very correct and with extra milk is quickly catching up, the reservation was cancelled on her red sister, so I'm inclined to reserve her too ;) I am LOVING the Arcade x Topaz cross!!! Absolute Beauties!

Kannah Creek RM Princesa x Magic Apple LVT Starkspur

DOB: 03/12/14

E10 - Light Chamoise Buckling (Sold): E11 - Black Roan w/White Doeling (Sold)

E12 - Black with White Buckling (Sold); E13 - Buckskin w/Light Roaning, White Poll (Retained)

I am retaining either E11 or E13, will have final decision in a few weeks, but both doelings are spoken for

Bridgeport Farms KCY Pris x Magic Apple LVT Starkspur

DOB: 03/10/14

E6 - Light Chamoisee w/white Doeling (Retained); E7 - Light Brown w/Splashy White Buckling (Sale Pending);

E8 - Black w/Small White Doeling - For Sale; E9 - Black w/Splashy White Doeling - For Sale

Magic Apple KCP Cleopatra x NC Promisedland H Norfolk

DOB: 02/23/14

E4 Splashy Buckskin Buckling (Sold);     E5 Medium Buckskin Buckling (RETAINED)

Really nice boys, I was so hoping for a doeling from this pairing but will have to settle on keeping one of these guys to carry on Norfolks dairy qualities and long bone pattern!

Magic Apple LVT BlushingGolden x NC Promisedland H Norfolk

DOB : 02/19/14

 E1 - Black and White Buckling (Sold);     E2 Chamoisee Doeling (RETAINED);     E3 Red Doeling (Sold)

Exactly what I expected from this cross. Norfolk and Blush make beautiful babies together!! All three of these kids are just fantastic!